When the music captivates you

„I am lost in my own conscience“ – Mansion

„Even good people are great at makin‘ bad decisions“ – Nate

„And perfect people don’t exist, so don’t pretend to be one“ – Remember This

„We waste a lot of time crying over wasted time“ – Remember This

„My heart says danger / Can’t you read the signs?“ – Thing Called Love

You don’t know the genius behind all those deep and fucking true quotations? But you like them?

Please do me a favor and listen to NF. Just once. Then you will realize that once you start listening to him (and not only to the music, but also to the things he says), you can’t stop. It’s like getting addicted to hearing him, his voice full of emotions that has so much to say. He also touches you in those moments when you feel that you cannot feel anything.
That’s why I love this dude so much!

I think all of you „know“ NF without really knowing him.

Have you ever heard of the song „Let you down“? Of course.
Do you know the guy from the rap part? No.

I think I am not so eloquent that I could write a phenomenal text about him to convince you of him, but I would like to try anyway.

„My biggest failures in life are knowing I never tried“ – Remember This

With this post I hope to make him a little more famous, which is crazy, because he already is famous. There’s this crowd of people loving him. It’s not only a crowd, it’s a family: the outcast family, named after a song of him. His true and loyal fanbase.
But the weird thing is that it seems like except the people who love him, nobody knows him.

When I started listening to him, I didn’t know anyone who knew him. I have always told my friends how interesting his lyrics are and almost all of them became big fans as well.

I can’t even explain why I love his music and his personality that much. It’s not that I can relate so much to his lyrics, I’m more of a optimistic person. But the music captivates you and the background music is always… to out it in his own words: cinematic.
When you listen to his songs, you don’t feel as if you was in this world any more. You forget everything for a second and drift into the world he’s creating. Just like watching a film.
I think he doesn’t mean that with calling his music cinematic. He talks about the instrumentals, which sounds similar to typical film music, but I think my interpretation describes just as well or even better how brilliant his music is.

Next to this brilliant music, NF is also a very sympathetic person with an interesting background story. What I have to add too, he never curses in his songs like every other rapper. And he’s funny, proof: the music video of „When I Grow Up“.
In other words: he’s the perfect artist for everyone, especially for guys like me who love these intense quotes!

„Scream and yell, but I feel speechless“ – Trauma

„We walk around with the devil talkin‘ on both shoulders“ – Nate

„I don’t need advice from my doubts right now“ – Leave Me Alone

„Why do I feel like I lost something that I never had?“ – How Could You Leave Us

„Get lost in the questions I can’t answer“ – Hate Myself

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